The Super Mario Maker Thread

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The Super Mario Maker Thread

Post by SkyeWelse » Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:38 am

So I know Zero and I each play and create levels for Super Mario Maker, but I wasn't sure if anyone else here was. It's definitely one the best games to own if you enjoy Mario and own a Wii U. It's really kind of a "must have" in your game library. :)

The aim for this thread is for anyone who does play to share their levels or simply talk about the game. I'm looking forward to playing through your creations!

This is my Super Mario Maker Bookmark Page: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintend ... /skyewelse

I spent some time today and polished up two new levels that I had in the making and I think they are finally ready to be played. I now have a complete set for Levels 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 if anyone would like to try them.

I was going for levels that would follow the original path of Super Mario Bros. Overworld-Daytime, Underground, Water, Castle. I think I used assets from all of the games other than Super Mario 3. Maybe that'll be next.

Level 1-1 - We're Gonna Need More Goombas!



Level 1-2 - Bowser's Trap: Seek a way out!



Level 1-3 - Guardians of the Sunken Temple



Level 1-4 - I've been waiting for you Mario!




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Re: The Super Mario Maker Thread

Post by zeromonkey » Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:17 am

cool. will check when i can hold a control and edit this thread with my level numbers.

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Re: The Super Mario Maker Thread

Post by umaggot » Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:20 pm

Hi guys, Unsavory Maggot here. I'm part of an affiliate project, "Faxanadu Restoration" -- which is the complete first step of the retranslation project. (An uncensored, bug-free, English text version of Faxanadu with SRAM.) It's good to finally join you here today.

I love Super Mario Maker, although I do get tired of seeing automatic levels and music levels. I wanted to share here a thread with ALoY user content. My favorite levels have puzzles, or are otherwise action packed. So far, I've made seven levels. Here's an easy bookmark link for my levels: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintend ... le/umaggot

Mushrooms are bad! (E76D-0000-0134-6325)
This is an easy level. It was made with the limited resources provided in the beginning of Super Mario Maker.

It's-a trap! (13C2-0000-0134-2687)
This level is full of traps. Inspired by Mario Frustration.

Dont miss a beat! Temple of Boom (F1F1-0000-0152-1532)
This level is action packed and will keep you on edge. Inspired by Brutal Mario.

Turbo Bulldozer!! (F033-0000-0189-FAA0)
Forget cheetah autoscroll. I've enforced a much faster scroll rate using a cannon-mounted angry wiggler on a fast conveyor belt. Your only option is to jump. One arrow means "tap". Two arrows mean "hold". You can't run. There's no going back.

Kamek-con!!! (B3D0-0000-018A-29BF)
Another somewhat luck-based boss battle. Don't hit the P switch, or you'll be out of power for a while. You need all of the randomly-spawned mushrooms and fire flowers you can get. With well-timed temporary invincibility and excellent dodging, you can complete the challenge. Defeat Kamek to make the legendary axe appear!

Turbo Madness!! The Sequel!! (D5A6-0000-019D-2A29)
Yep, I liked the idea so much that I had to make more! It's quicker, lengthier, and more challenging than the last! I've also worked out some of the hiccups from the original.

WORLD -1...? (852C-0000-019D-2E4C)
This is pretty much vanilla World -1 with a hidden solution. You'll see some oddities throughout the level that should give you an idea of what you're looking for.

If you like these levels and would like to follow my Miiverse posts, they can be found here:

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