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An archive of useful tools and resources for learning or translating Japanese. These tools can be physical or digital tools found online.
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Online Tools List

Post by SkyeWelse » Sat Jun 20, 2015 6:04 am

Below is a collection of good Japanese tools to work with for looking up kanji, dictionary meanings and machine translation.
Additional Notes

*Noota says that weblio,is much more than a useful tool for machine translation. The far greater resource that weblio has to offer is their definition search. It's a bit of an advanced translation feature, but highly recommended after learning how to parse Japanese-Japanese dictionary entries, so that you can use weblio's dictionary service. He said it is really, really top-notch stuff, and can't tell us how many times looking up a word in a J-J dictionary helped him to finally understand what differentiated it from similar words.

AGTH: Basic operation:
"Attaches" to a process (like OllyDbg does)
When that process displays text, by default it copies that text to the clipboard. Works with many VN games.
From here you can do whatever you'd like with that text, such as lookup unknown words, machine translation, mark words or sentences for later study, etc...

User cb4960's programs:
All manner of random programs. Definitely try his Rikaisama (Firefox only). It is about 10 improvements to Rikaichan and you could use any or all of those. I use expanded dictionaries and word saving. You should also check out Capture2Text for OCR of Japanese text. Most of the others are useless (they need you to have novel texts that I have no idea where to get).

I know Xalphenos is an active WaniKani member and he's getting pretty far along in his studies. I tried it for a bit, but did not keep up with it. He also uses the text book Genji to study. I have Genki as well, but have not looked it in a few years. Right now I'm using Rosetta Stone software and Primsleur Japanese when driving to work (mainly for speaking and audible comprehension in Japanese, but not as much practice on the writing aspect as of yet, although I can read kana and some basic kanji).


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Re: Online Tools List

Post by flamethrower » Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:28 am

I found out something about Rikaisama. It has a lot of features and I doubt anyone uses all of them.
Anyway, if you press O, it will display instead definitions from Sanseido Web Dictionary.

I also found: ##japanese (IRC channel)

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