LibreOffice Basic Concatenate and Unpack

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LibreOffice Basic Concatenate and Unpack

Post by flamethrower » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:48 pm

I made some tools I'd like to share. These are written in LibreOffice Basic.

The concatenate operation means taking tsv or csv files and putting them into a spreadsheet.
The unpack operation means taking a spreadsheet and transforming its contents into tsv or csv files.

It could be useful for various reasons.

The unpack operation is rather simple: All you need to do is save the workbook where you'd like to unpack it, then run TSV_export. If you want CSV, you need to edit the code (44 is the ASCII value for comma).

For the concatenate operation:
1) Edit parameter settings in InsertSheetFromFile as appropriate to your application
2) Fill in the path to pull files from in Compile
3) Make a new sheet, then run Compile
4) Save the sheet when it's finished

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