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Editing graphic DAT files

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:03 am
by apraxiumRum
Seeing that I can't progress further in the translation of This, I thought of progressing on something else.
Something I can't wrap my head around is how the game handle its graphic files, I looked into one monster file in hexeditor and noticed this when I viewed the text only:
Now, I want to find, decompress, edit then compress back the files associated to these things:
Those are screencaps from a chinese version..I think.
I really really want to change the HUD for the party to have their English names, but I can't find which file for that. I can't find a way to view or extract the image from the file.
I even tried falconvrt, doesn't support this game though.
Anyone want to take a crack at it? Send a reply and I'll...provide you with the game.