Falcom Compression Tools

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Falcom Compression Tools

Post by flamethrower » Wed Aug 31, 2016 11:35 am

These tools are copied from the C version written by EsperKnight.
Developed by me is the full compression implementation extended from EsperKnight's code which was a partial implementation.
Here's the v2 of Falcom decompress: http://pastebin.com/NJcrmM3d
I added a function decompress_FALCOM2_1 to handle chains of FALCOM2 that's found in Sorcerian Forever.
I added comments to the code for function decompress.

Here is the Falcom compression tool: http://pastebin.com/hE5f3i6L
Implemented right now is copy byte and short look-back (window size 0xFF). I will see if I can implement long look-back (window size 0x1FFF) which should give better performance.
To encode match of size 2 with short look-back (distance 0xFF or less) it takes 1 byte and 3 bits, so that's great.
To encode match of size 2 with long look-back (distance > 0xFF and < 0x2000) it takes 1 byte and 8 bits. This is still a good deal because to encode two raw bytes it takes 2 bytes and 2 bits.
To encode a repeating sequence of size 3:
--This is done by encoding a raw byte (1 byte and 1 bit)
--Then encoding a repeating sequence of length 2 with a look-back of 1 (1 byte and 3 bits)
Total: 2 bytes and 4 bits. So this is a good deal. Encoding a repeating sequence of two bytes isn't worth it.
A match (long look-back) of size 3 requires 1 byte and 9 bits; short look-back is even better than this. So this is a really good deal. Still, it's not at least 8 bits better. So for sequences of the same length, match should be prioritized. Otherwise, the longest sequence (that's over the minimum threshold) should be used.
The Falcom encoder is blind. It will happily encode a sequence and produce an output greater in size than the input (even excluding header data). This is most common with palette data.
Program structure:
A function called compress that manages overall flow of the program
A function called updateflags which manages the flags that tell the decompression routine what to do
--updateflags is a "generator object" which is a special Python thing that's sort of like a function, you can google it. I heard about it before and it seemed appropriate for this application.
A function called find_match which searches for matches
A function called find_repeat which searches for repeating sequences
A function called encode_match which does what the name says
A function called encode_repeat which does what the name says
The main program, compress, handles deciding which encoder to use and also encoding raw bytes.
For very big files, mine compresses better than Falcom's probably because it flushes the dictionary less often. I got file that's 97.3% of the size of Falcom's on mp_0110.mpp (one of the biggest files).

For "our" files, they are generally bigger than Falcom's uncompressed because they have English text in them. Compressed, they're bigger too, by a little bit. I need to test the compressed one in-game.

Tested in game and no issues.

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Re: Falcom Compression Tools

Post by flamethrower » Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:57 am

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