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Dragon Slayer: LoH Characters' names

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:48 pm
by apraxiumRum
Decided to make a separate topic regarding the translation project to ask for help in this problem.
We still don't have translators, but I am now focusing on something I want to take care of ASAP.
Just take a look at this screencap:
Yep! I managed to change Selious' name to English! and the 'EXP to go' symbol as well.
I could tell you how I did that, but this presented me with this MAJOR problem.
The process SUCKED ME DRY!! And that just by doing the first name. Imagine me having to redo this everytime someone points out that I misinterpreted the Japanese name, for 5 total characters!!
Sometimes I've seen other websites uses "Selios","Serious", "Celios". "Runan", "Ryunan", "Lou", "Ro", "Giles", "Gale".
So what I need is just an official/agreed on naming. NPCs, monsters, locations, names mentioned in dialogue can be renamed easily. But the playable characters names in the HUD has to stay as they are.
Here are the names of the characters:
Name in Japanese *Name in US *My interpretation
セリオス *Logan *Selious
リュナン *Ethan *Runan
ロー *Markus *Lou
ゲイル *Giles *Gale
ソニア *Sonia *Sonia
Can you please help me out here? I can't work my brain, eyes, hands on this repeatedly. Not to mention that all this was done pixel by pixel on HxD Editor.
I await you suggestions. :(

Re: Dragon Slayer: LoH Characters' names

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:00 pm
by flamethrower
I think you have it right.
Remember to check R/L whenever you have a character in the R-column (らりるれろラリルレロ), but I think you have this right. Oh wait, on second thought:
ロー could be Lowe.

Possibly Geil instead of Gale but you could go with either.

About the images though. Do you have any way to dump them? I wouldn't edit with a hex editor if you could possibly avoid it. You edited with HxD so that means you found the bitmap. All you need to be able to dump it to image is the palette data if you could find it. I have no real ideas about how to find it, though.

Re: Dragon Slayer: LoH Characters' names

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:13 pm
by apraxiumRum
It is a boggling conundrum :?
What I did was select three hex values for colors, written the names in photoshop using the colors, turned them to bitmap and aligned them to a set of address ranges in the file that contains the pictures. I wished I could find a better way to do it.
If it is of interest to you, I found the file (in .dat file format) by getting the Chinese version of the game, replacing files by files in the original to get the right one, then used compare in HxD editor to figure exactly where to start.