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Translation vs Interpretation

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:32 am
by noabody
My personal thoughts here, it seems like the PSP translation is roughly literal and badly needs interpretation, re-phrasing, and a better use of idiom. Here's a selection of text from the game:

[The actual game text]

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Gawaine (to Michel - before the final battle)
To begin with, you are a foreigner, so I don't assume you have any pretext with the Octum's Apostles.
If someone distingusihed like you could take our side, it would be so helpful. But, you don't have any obilgation to join us

Michel (to Gawaine)
Like I said before, this war is not the only problem of El Phildin.
If by any chance Octum was to ressurect, my hometown, Tirasweel won't be safe, either.
[The way I hear it in my head]

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Gawaine (to Michel - before the final battle)
I'd be hard pressed to believe that you, a foreigner, have any pretext with Octum's Apostles.
While there's no obligation to assist us in this quest, we would surely benefit from the aid of one so skilled.

Michel (to Gawaine)
As I've said, this conflict is but embers in El Phildin.
Should Octum be resurrected, it will spawn an insatiable wildfire.  Tirasweel cannot hope to avoid the flames.
Though I found a few tools relating to the Gagharv Trilogy, particularly hosted at, none of them really seemed appropriate for working with the game dialog. If there were such tools, I'd probably give refining the text a go. Of course, I don't know that my re-interpretation would be any better.