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A forum for the translation project of the first title of the Legend of Heroes Gagharv Trilogy: Legend of Heroes III - The White Witch. Also known as Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch.
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Re: Script Hacking

Post by NightWolve » Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:24 pm

Xalphenos wrote:
zeromonkey wrote:
Xalphenos wrote:Yeah. Some names don't translate well between languages. I was mostly posting that for the spreadsheet that Flame had with Jurio being Julio. I like Jurio much better than Julio. The Dalk Fukt was probably playing it safe instead of calling him Dark Fucked (because he did that to me for over 20 years till last year when I finally beat Ys I). Blasted falling floors and game reaction time.
My main issue with Jurio has always been that there is really only one way to pronounce it with an American English tongue. "Jury-Oh" And I just never liked the sound of that.
It probably was meant to be Julio with the 'l' to 'r' and 'r' to 'l' switch you have to deal with in Japanese. From what I understood, that was typically a common rule. If their Engrish translation from software produced 'Dalk', the 'l' goes to 'r' so you get 'Dark' like you should. Here you got 'Jurio' so you flip it and you get Julio which is a real name, so yeah, that's what I would use.

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