Recruiting 1 person

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Recruiting 1 person

Post by zeromonkey » Wed May 11, 2016 1:38 am

We are at the stage that we are looking for somebody who is very familiar with the series to go through the scripts to make sure they are cohesive with the other games. Here are the qualifications and job requirements:

1. Trustworthy.
-You will be given access to the finished spreadsheets and a copy of our internal beta patch we have been using for testing. The stuff you get access to will need to go no further than you. Don't talk about it with your friends, don't post it on the internet and don't spread lies about an UNFINISHED project.

2. Willingness to work with ME
-It is no small rumor that I am hard to work with sometimes. My mouth tends to get the best of me. I do however take constructive criticism and valid suggestions very well. I don't take condescending people on at all. I bite back! I have a hectic life and can be extremely busy for weeks at a time but I do plan to stick to the release date I have planned.

3. Some knowledge of how this work is done.
-Some knowledge of how fan translations are done is helpful in the aspect of knowing sometimes, shit just can't be done that way! Not that we don't want to but the game just won't allow that to happen. Sometimes space is limited (though Flame has done a good job with slicing and dicing the game under our control).

4. PM me with answers to these questions. Don't post them here because I don't think it would be fair for somebody to steal your answers. If you really know this game, you will know the "right" answers.
Q1. What is Zero no Kiseki (Trails of Zero) about?
Q2. When in the series did development begin?
Q3. Who is the Old Man on the train?
Q4. Tell me about the roles of other characters in the game (Minus Lloyd, Tio, Elie and Randy. You can find info easily about them from Google.) I want to know about other characters that are not so important.
Q5. Who are the bad guys from the Prologue chapter (Lazy, Wald)?
Q6. Who shot J.R.?
Q7. How does the story for this game differ from most other Kiseki titles?

5. That's it. First step to getting work on a big damn Kiseki script!

You role in this will simply be consultant. You will not be writing the script or responsible for any of the hacking. Just going over the files and checking for consistency with the Kiseki universe.

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