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New Forum Member Registrations are now disabled

Post by SkyeWelse » Thu Dec 13, 2018 1:21 pm

Hello everyone,

While the forum is not dead per se, it doesn't receive the amount of traffic that it used to in terms of user activity and posting. That being said, it seems we are receiving about two new user registrations per day on average and only some of those actually reach out to contact me to verify human status which leads me to believe that even though we have several Captcha methods in place to help with legitimate registrations, that appears to not be working as intended.

I feel at this time the only logical choice in the interim is to have all new registrations closed. If you would like to become an active member of the forum, you can reach me in several ways. I have emails on the internet I use which should be easy enough to find, I have a Twitter account and I'm also on several Discord servers as the user SkyeWelse or Retro-Type. If you contact me and can verify human status and let me know what you would like your username to be, I'll gladly setup an account for you.



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