Falcom Common Files and Formats

This is a place to post tech details and informative documents about romhacking PSP games.
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Falcom Common Files and Formats

Post by zeromonkey » Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:20 pm

This is a work in progress reference for dealing with file formats associated with games created by Falcom for the PSP. Everything may not be perfect but at least you get a leg up with the research we have already done. There is various ways some of the files need to be decompressed to editable files and as time permits. Tools will be provided. I (zero) am not a programmer of merit. I mostly butcher my way through games with a hex editor. Somebody else will need to provide more technical documentation. Stay tuned. More to come as time permits.

Image Formats

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Not ready yet
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File Type: Images (Container / Multiple)
Header: Yes 32-bit - V102 (In hex x56 x31 x30 x32).
Header location - x00 x01 x02 x03
Table Supported - Yes [32-bit {pointer} + 32-bit {UNKNOWN PURPOSE}]
Table Location - Pointer {x04 x05 x06 x08} + Unknown {x09 x0A x0B x0C} (rinse, repeat tile all files are accounted for)

To find the beginning of the individual files inside the container, you can use the pointer table to locate the 32-bit hex (xEE x03 x00 x00). After this, there is another 32-bit hex that I have not figured out yet the significance of it. Next there will be a header of a 32-bit header CCPI (x43 x43 x50 x49). Next there is 3x 32-bit pieces of data that I don't know what they are about yet. After that is a file name of varying size.

The file I am working with to log this data is located in the “apl” folder for Zero no Kiseki. It is file ch500000.itc. I briefly looked for other games that may have this format. Other in the Legend of Heroes series for PSP have it so far and the details about the file are the same. YAY!.
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Re: Falcom Common Files and Formats

Post by flamethrower » Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:35 am

data.lst - File folders, names, sizes, LBAs and extensions.
Applies only to PSP games.

0x0: Signature: 0x30740100
0x4 through 0x400: Extension entries of 0x4 bytes. Specify file extensions. Up to three characters. The extension name is padded to 0x4 bytes by byte 00 (null). The first one at 0x4 is extension ID 0x01, the next one at 0x8 is extension ID 0x02, etc...
0x400 through 0x408: Nulls
0x408 through 0x40C: Number of files and folders described in this data.lst file
0x40C through 0x410: Nulls

0x410 onward: One entry per file or folder. Entries are 0x10 bytes
For each entry:
0x0: Name of the file or folder. Must be 8 bytes or less. The result is padded to 8 bytes by nulls.
0x8: For folders, it's the number of sub-files plus the number of sub-folders. For files, it's the file size.
0xC: For folders, three nulls. For files, the LBA of the file. The most significant byte of the LBA is assumed to be 00.
0xF: For folders, null. For files, the extension ID corresponding to the file.

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