PRX modules

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PRX modules

Post by josejl » Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:54 am

Since I started doing the Celceta patch on a separate DLL instead of editing the EXE directly, I thought it would be really handy to do the same on PSP.

No need to expand the EBOOT, and you can make stuff in C/C++ instead of ASM (except for calling the module functions from the EBOOT and loading the PRX module on game startup). ... rialv1.pdf

Any ideas where this might come in handy?

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Re: PRX modules

Post by flamethrower » Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:59 am

This tutorial is too advanced for me. I need to do PSPSDK hello world tutorial first.

If we need extra EBOOT space. Like for Nayuta, there was enough free space there already. For Zero / Ao / one of my other projects it could be useful if I can get it to work.

Really what I'd want to do is identify an unused memory region and copy a bunch of data there as a replacement for expanding the EBOOT. Or put an extra file on the UMD and load the data from there using the loading function.
I have an alternate solution I'd like to try. Basically we're going to expand data.lst the region between 0x4 and 0x400 (the 0x400 value is a constant in the game code). Because if you add extra data to the end it crashes the data.lst parser function. data.lst is always resident and always get put in the same spot in memory. After that, you add in your extra data to the extra region and update the pointers.

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