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"Back in Time" 01/19/2013
So, Faxanadu... we meet again!

I want to say the hacking's almost done. We're almost there. Almost.
We still don't have a translated script handy, but we've restored some
key features, fixed a lot of bugs, added a new save feature, and now
we're finishing up with the dialogue code.

In addition, I've done a bit of spring cleaning on this site; clearing
up severe misinformation, reorganizing the downloads, etc. -- nothing
ground-breaking or extraordinary here.

"To Be Continued..." 01/27/2012 To be concise, due to unforeseen circumstances, this project is now officially canceled. I apologize for the inconvenience. Anyone who wishes to complete the project in my stead may use any and all resources provided on this site.
"Translator and Banner" 07/25/2011 We have a translator now, and I'm looking forward to his/her work. I don't know any real specifics or details, just an e-mail that says to have faith -- so there you have it! :) Have faith, we *will* get this done! Also, I've made a banner, in case anyone wants to link to my site: Just let me know if you use it, and I'll link you back! :)
"Japanese Script" 07/10/2011 So MP83, RaisonD'etritus and I have worked hard on a Faxanadu SJIS Table. I've uploaded that here for backup purposes -- and thanks to all of our efforts combined, I was able to dump the Japanese Script! Now we just have to wait for a translator to come help us. If you are willing and more than capable of taking on the job, please let us know! We're looking for a professional quality translation. As usual, your hard work will be greatly appreciated, and you will be credited. Thank you! Also, I have given it a new codename: "Faxanadu R3" - Remix, Restore, and Retranslate. We'll make sure it lives up to it!
"Downloads" 07/03/2011 I've moved both patches (SRAM and Bugfix) to the Downloads page. I would also like to take this time to thank MP83 (for the save icon), all of my supporters at ALoY, and romhacking.net for their help! I'll put the US/EU SRAM hack on the backburner until the Retranslation project is complete! The next step involves shrinking the original print size by half, so that I can fit more in the dialogue boxes.
"OPEN BETA!!" 07/02/2011 The Faxanadu SRAM (J) Open Beta patch is here! This patch is for the Japanese version only. It will NOT work on the US/EU versions. This patch will allow you to save the game, when you would've otherwise received a mantra. If you find any bugs or glitches, *please* report them to me via E-mail! Thank you!
"GAME SAVED" 06/23/2011 Amidst my dedication to hacking, I forget three things: eat, sleep, and update. As you're possibly aware, I have all the time in the world for this project now, and I'm utilizing it as much as possible, within the boundary that I will NOT fall victim to the addiction! With that said, I've been working on a little something that Faxanadu fans should appreciate: an SRAM feature. This is also known as "Battery Backup". For those of you who are less in-the-know, and for those of you who want to know what kind of progress I'm making on it, here's a picture: 1 Obviously, I have some work to do if I'm going to make that look cleaner. Three things you should know about the SRAM hack: 1. It will be released as a stand-alone patch. 2. It will be included as part of the retranslation project. 3. There will be two stand-alone patches, as the JP patch doesn't work with the US and EU versions. Last but not least, you're probably wondering if it works! Absolutely! The game saves by taking the information from (RAM addresses) $0390-$058F, and storing it to $6000-$61FF. When you select "Continue" from the title screen, it simply checks if you've saved anything (and boots you back to the Title Screen if you haven't) and then loads most of the data from $6000-$61FF and stores it back to $0390-$058F. $6000-$7FFF are the SRAM addresses, and it's also important to note that I had to change the 6th byte of the ROM address to 12, to enable the SRAM. Otherwise, It'd still work -- like any cartridge works with a dead battery, but it won't save! Anyway, I just thought I would share this news update with you, as I'm aware I don't update frequently enough. You can thank a recent response to one of my old Faxanadu Remix videos for this update.
"I've used Elixir!" 06/14/2011 Three years and no update? That's horrible! The project is far from complete, and I'm starting entirely from scratch. I have some hideous beta previews of the project here: 1 2 3 Here are a couple of mock-ups of the intended alterations: 1 2 Here are my plans: ::Retranslation project:: - VWF - DTE - Use Smaller Font - Use item ID (Instead of having SEVERAL "I've used [item]" texts -- uses too much space.) - Use price ID (Instead of having duplicates of shop texts -- same as above.) - Reduce letter spacing from 16x16 to 8x8; or 16x8 - Fix name screen (I have to get rid of four annoying boxes.) - SJIS Table (Already started.) - SRAM saving ::I have everything I need:: - My handy dandy opcode list, misc tutorials from romhacking.net - Help from the romhacking.net forum (You didn't think I got here on my own, did you?) - SP's Faxanadu Disassembly (making the code itself English -- helps to find where everything is in the English version.) - Vagla's Faxanadu Level Data document, - Luck, and/or intuition. ::What is done:: - A functional English name screen. 4 character limit... - Inserted variety fonts. - Pendant/difficulty bugfix. Any significant gameplay changing hacks, such as the item restoration project, will be separate. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that this website is SEVERELY outdated; it's loaded with inaccurate information and faulty terminology! I should be able to correct the offending webpages soon, but that can come later; my current priority is the retranslation hack!
"Preview Patch v8.11c Released!" 12/11/2008 Yes, a preview patch has been released. It's far from perfect, far from complete, as it's just a preview. You can check it out here.
"Launch" 10/23/2008 This site has been launched. From here, you can check out: - Videos of the hack, as well as videos of the in-production stuff that had the misfortune of being removed. - The hack log, which tells you what has been changed. Ultimately thanks to my dumb luck. - Version differences page, which tells you what exactly has been changed between the American, European and Japanese versions of Faxanadu. - Mysteries and revelations, which outlines the removed in-production stuff and my thoughts as to how they were used and how they could be used. - The rough patch page, which allows you to get an early look at the hack as-is; v0.3 Top