Faxanadu R3

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An excellent resource for Translation, Graphical, Gameplay,
Improvement, Bugfix, and Text patches! They're also very helpful
with utilities and documents, they have a wonderful user base, with
forums and a Java IRC applet! They have helped tremendously with
my first dives into the world of 6502 Assembly!

6502.org Tutorials and Primers
This is my very first list of opcodes. I never even knew what opcodes
were until I found this site in a Yahoo search!

6502 Reference
This is very similar to the previous link, but I prefer and appreciate
this version's tidier format!

SP's Faxanadu Blog
SP is a very, VERY talented programmer. He's done wonders for the
emulation and romhacking community with his modifications to FCEU.
This is probably the lesser-known thing about him: he's also done
wonders for the Faxanadu community, with his blog and disassembly.
He was able to pick apart almost *everything* from Faxanadu (U) and
comment appropriately! In short, he translated the techno-babble into
plain English, which has been a phenomenal help! Just about everything
you could ever want to know about Faxanadu (U) is in his blog!

Vagla's Faxanadu Level Data document
This is a pretty neat document -- and while SP's blog does cover, and
even correct some of the information contained, I still find it appropriate
to credit Vagla on his findings and hard work!

Zophar's Domain
This is where you go when you want utilities for patching, editing or
otherwise, for the data of the console or game(s) therein. If it
weren't for these gurus and the uploaders of this site, I wouldn't have
the utilities required to alter or otherwise, expand Faxanadu and the
overall experience of the game itself.

This is THE Ancient Land of Ys message board! This is where I began to
hype my Faxanadu mod! Pay them a visit! They're a friendly, lively, and
diverse bunch! :) This is another place I've gone to for help with the

Informational: Falcom These are the creators of Xanadu and ultimately, the reason Faxanadu was conceived in the first place! Send them your thanks! For licensing the Xanadu franchise to Hudson Soft! Spend your hard-earned cash here! Hudson Soft These are the masterminds behind Faxanadu! Konami owns their work now. Hardcore Gaming 101 - Xanadu Click the link and scroll down to learn the history of Xanadu and Faxanadu. :) Top