Faxanadu R3

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"Goutetsu!!" 01/31/2018 (Updated 01/27/2019)

Welcome to the version 1.04! I just couldn't let it vanish! Like ancient Ys vanished! That
would be an omen!

Faxanadu (J) Retranslation (T-Eng) v1.04

Patch a Japanese Faxanadu ROM (not included)
It's like Faxanadu Restoration, but now there's a fancy new translation! Thanks to our translator, Goutetsu!!

Changes: v1.04 Testing! Dialogue Bugs Fixed? v1.03b Prepped Public Beta! Posted It Online! v1.02b Goutetsu Joined the Team! Translation Get! Editing! Planning! Restored Unused Text! We have more planned ahead -- we just don't know how far ahead that will be.
"Disch!!" 07/09/2015 Welcome to version 1.01! Faxanadu (J) Restoration Vanilla (T-HudsonUSA) v1.01 Patch a Japanese Faxanadu ROM (not included) Now compatible with other emulators, real hardware, and flash carts! Thanks, Disch!
Changes: v1.01 Created two patches; (FCEU for FCEU emulators only, NES for real hardware and accurate emulators) Fountain ladder bugfix; (The ladder before the World of Mist would be misplaced if you left the area quickly)
"Behold!!" 07/04/2015 This is the public release of the Faxanadu Restoration Vanilla (Translated by Hudson USA) patch! Faxanadu (J) Restoration Vanilla (T-HudsonUSA) v1.00 Patch a Japanese Faxanadu ROM (not included) Requires FCEU. NOT (yet) compatible with other emulators, real hardware, or flash carts.
Changes: v1.00 (Public Release) Updated title screen; (continue will not appear without a save) Updated continue; ("aaaa" will not load, but it will delete your file) Hold A to speed up text Expanded ROM SRAM added Replaced Continue feature (Load) Replaced Mantra (Save) Save icon added Battle Armor inventory bugfix Dragon Slayer inventory bugfix Armor graphic bugfix Nurse cross graphic bugfix Pendant bugfix Name screen retained Name character code retained Page break character code added 8x8 European font added 16x16 "2xSAI" European font added 8x8 / 16x16 font switch added Dialogue code reformatted for 8x8 European font Hudson USA script inserted Minor editing Original uncensored graphics retained
Special Thanks: Unsavory Maggot (6502 ASM, Debug) Disch (6502 ASM Support) snarfblam (6502 ASM Support) SkyeWelse (Bestiary, Bestiary Translation, Web Host) Xalphenos (Japanese table, 6502 ASM Support) MP83 (Save icon, Japanese table) sp (FCEU, Faxanadu Disassembly) King Mike (ROM Expansion) Vagla (6502 ASM Support) Radblast HylianFox frsj8112 (Debug) Raison Detritus (Japanese table)